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As soon as I ate this cheesecake in the Spanish Basque country, I knew my mission: get the recipe and adapt it for Thermomix. Now that I’ve done so, my life is pretty much complete. Witness my bliss and then head over to Dani Valent Cooking to download the recipe.


Come behind the scenes during the photo shoot for In the Mix 2: More Great Thermomix Recipes.

Click the links below to follow Dani as she takes you through some of her favourite Thermomix recipes in these videos:
Plum Syrup Cake
Beef Stir-Fry
Chocolate Ganache
Chicken Tagine with Green Olives
Grissini with Apricot and Cardamom Paste

More recipes!


Chicken Congee
Calamari with herb crumb
Millet and beetroot pilaf
Butter, Ghee and Paneer
Tomato Passata
Bloody Caesar and Clam Salad
Bialys (Polish savoury buns)
Chicken Lettuce Cups
Nut-free Pesto
Peanut Butter Coleslaw

Spice Temple Chilli Sauce


Peach Margarita
Vodka Prosecco Martini


Winter Minestrone with Butter Lovin’ Leeks
Cauliflower Fried Rice
My Vegetarian Daughter’s Quick Sustaining Dinner
Shane Delia’s Lamb Kustilji – Slow cooked ribs

Jo Whitton’s Creamy Chicken and Brown Rice Soup
Steamed fish with quinoa, spinach and basil
Simple Roasted Chestnuts
Philip Sibley’s Marron, Chestnut and Pine Mushroom Risotto
Spicy Peach and Mango Jam Glazed Ham


Chilli Cherry Ripe
Pot-roasted Spiced Quinces
Plum Syrup Cake
Apricot and Almond Cake
Karen Martini’s Sisterly Banana Bread

See more videos and recipes in the free ‘In the Mix’ app… and see you at my new site Dani Valent Cooking (it’s great)!